PG Active Force MP Multi-Power Hand Soap w/Olive Core Scrubbers 4/2Lt (801060)

PG Active Force MP
Multi-Power Hand Soap w/Olive
Core Scrubbers 4/2Lt

Product #: PGS-14123009

Weight: 20


EXTRA HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL HAND CLEANER HAND CLEANER FOR REMOVAL OF STUBBORN GREASE AND GRIME, INK, AND OTHER INTENSE DIRT. NEW AND IMPROVED! NOW WITH ALL NATURAL OLIVE CORE SCRUBBERS. MICRO BEAD FREE. APPLICATION Active FORCE MP is designed for any industrial application where tough and stubborn dirt, grease and grime or other embedded dirt or stubborn soil is present. Automotive or diesel grease and grime, foundries, or stubborn ink. Carbon black. All workers in automotive, printers, and carbon black plants, metal working, machine shops and foundries. BEST PERFORMANCE MP is second to none in cleaning performance and effectiveness. It cleans all heavy dirt with only one hand washing application. Nothing works better for working hands! Many competitive products require more than one washing to remove all soil and dirt. MP works the first time and saves even more by eliminating the need for multiple washings. MP will outlast competitive products by as much as 2-to-1! HIGHEST QUALITY Active Force MP contains only the highest quality ingredients, designed to work in combination to quickly and completely remove stubborn dirt with only one washing. It is a combination of detergent blend, scrubbers and conditioners that remove dirt without damaging the skin. All products are sustainable back to the raw materials. SKIN FRIENDLY Active Force MP is made to be slightly acidic to match the pH of the skin. Competitive products that are overly acidic or overly alkaline can cause the skin oils to be stripped away. These basic oils are the foundation to skin health, so pH balancing is the most important factor in maintaining healthy skin for a healthy lifestyle. Our conditioners help restore those basic oils when used regularly. Many competitive hand cleaners contain solvents, which work against skin health. Using low quality hand cleaner that contains solvent is one of the main causes of dermatitis in the workplace. MP does not contain any petroleum solvent or any other harmful ingredient. Great cleansing power, and friendly to the skin.

Price: $122.07

Price: $122.07